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vnc or rdp for xbmcbuntu
Hi All,

i recently installed xbmcbuntu, works great alot simpler to setup compared to media portal.

i would like to use hippo remote as opposed to the web interface but in order for it to work with xbmc i need to have remote desktop sharing or vnc running, i installed krfb and managed to get remote desktop sharing enabled when logged into xbmcbuntu and if i log out and back into xmbc it works fine however i want to enable it so it runs on startup

i can't figure out how to do this, i'm only just learning ubuntu, i installed gnome-session-manager and added krfb to the startup up but this won't work i'm assuming because the xbmc is using a different session, i also tried to add the application to the following directory /etc/xdg/autostart/ but still no luck

any help would be greatly appreciated.
easiest solution would be to run xbmc on top of the gnome session instead of the stand-alone session.

vnc or rdp for xbmcbuntu00