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Custom backgrounds not showing up
Hi there,

I'm new to xbmc, have installed my system two weeks ago. I use the aeon-nox skin with custom background-wallpapers for the menus (Video, Music, etc..).

Everything is fine, with one exception I don't understand. I have checked the forum and wiki for a solution, without success.

To clean up the system from testing-days I have manually deleted the thumbnails in my thumbnails folder (..\Roaming\XMBC\userdata\thumbnails).

After this I started XBMC again and now I'm getting blank backgrounds, no walls to see. I checked the settings, my custom chosen wallpaper is still linked (but also not showing up in the preview).
I reverted it to default wallpaper, which is showing up without problems. So I set it again to my custom wallpaper, but it's still not showing up. I'm seeing only a blank

Also tried to simply copy the picture back to the thumbnail location, but that's not helping.

So, do I have to completely deinstall an reinstall the skin? :/

Thanks in advance for your help.
I don't know if this will help, but this is what I did to accomplish what I wanted in Nox...

I wanted a multi-image setup for my movies and tv, so I created folders with some of my favorite hi-res fanart images (aptly named Movie Fanart and TV Fanart) and placed them in ...\users\Roaming\XBMC\userdata\thumbnails. I then went to the background manager section in the skin customization (forgive me if that terminology isn't quite accurate, what I'm getting at is the place under settings where you change the background images) and pointed Movies and TV to the multi-image folders I created. It worked as advertised. It wouldn't work if my images were not in the XMBC structure as I tried to point to a location on my unraid server without success. Placing them in the XBMC structure worked though.
That's a workaround I could test. Thank you.

Anyone else an idea for fixing the issue?
you may not delete your thumbnails folder. delete your database files and the thumbnails folder again and re-scrape everything.
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I should've also mentioned that I use Ember to do all of my movie and tv series editing, thus I knew the fanart that I wanted to use for my multi-image background folder.

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