Linux - Which Ubuntu-version to choose now?

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Killozap Offline
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i am using XBMC 11.0 Eden (GIT: unknown, compiled mar 24 2012) on different machines, three of them are running on Ubuntu 10.10, the other machines are windows-based.

Since some days the support for the Ubuntu-version stopped, so i am thinking what version of ubuntu to use for best performance and stability on these linux-machines.

Two linux-machines are old PCs that run as XBMC-players connected to TV-screens, they are from 2006 and run on AMD Athlon 3500+ (single core) with 1GB RAM, the other machine is a notebook wkith 4 Gig of ram and a Pentium Dual Core.

I see no problems for the notebook to run a 11.04, but don't know if the older systems will run that without problems.

Any hints what to install that runs good on that machines and don't need much tweaking to run XBMC?

Thanks a lot
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alfton Offline
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I would have gone for the ubuntu version 12.04 lts.

But its still in beta 2.

Have tryed it out on different pc without any problem, but not installet xbmc tought

regards Alf Tonny B├Ątz
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You could always take XBMCbuntu for a spin on them and see how they perform with that. If you wait another week then you can try out the latest Ubuntu (12.04) which is going to be an LTS release - or just go ahead and try the beta out now. I've got the 12.04 beta on a couple of devices and it's been stable enough so far. Should you go for the beta and like it, just remember that when the full release goes live you can update rather than having to do a re-install.
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Killozap Offline
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I have installed the 11.04 on different systems and did not like it much, the new graphical interface did not like me ... Smile

Have things improved a year later? If everything is better i will try the beta on one machine (perhaps the notebook, i am updating it to 11.04 quite now) and look how it works.

Thanks a lot.
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