[Linux] ERROR: Control 945 in window 10000 has been asked to focus, but it can't

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XBMC will not stay alive for more than 20 seconds before it crashes. I wasnt even aware of the upgrade because I use cron for auto updates and I was out of town.

I've manually removed Aeon MQ 2 and let it default to Confluence which for a brief moment looked like it worked then it crashed again. Then I renamed my userdata directory and started fresh and it seems to work fine.

Would there be any reason why my ver 10 userdata is not compatible?


I've actually downgraded from eden months ago once before because it could not convert my mysql db from my server and that was before I started testing Ubuntu Precise(alpha) and for some reason cannot recompile it again.

[email protected]://var/git$ xbmc
Running DIL (3.22.0) Version
DtsDeviceOpen: Opening HW in mode 0
DtsDeviceOpen: Create File Failed
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
Crash report available at /home/darkrain/xbmc_crashlog-20120418_154905.log
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