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I've been having a problem with thetvdb.com and futurama metadata. I was able to get thetvdb.com guys to update there site but now xbmc is not working as expected.

Here is the issue Futurama had a few straight to dvd movies that eventually were shown on comedy central. thetvdb.com has them as DVD season 4 episodes 19-22. The problem is that the the dvd's weren't released as seasons rather volumes. So season 5 of the show is DVD volume 4 and season 6 is volumes 5 and 6. The movies are listed as "Airs After Season: 5" on thetvdb.com.This causes the moves to beplaced between volume 5(DVD season 5 on thetvdb.com) and volume 6. I think that xbmc should look at what thetvdb.com has a dvd series and episode before it looks at the Airs After Season: section.

xbmc displays now (when using DVD order):
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6

Should display
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6

sorry i'm kind of using volume and "DVD Season" interchangeably

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