how to figure out caller of any .xml file?
Hi all,
How can I know from where a file is geting called/opened.
For ex: I see DialogProgress.xml is there in confluence directory but when this file will be opened from which place?

There are so many such files , how can I figure out their caller? Is it written some where?
we can not always search for file name in all file contents because they may never appear any where specially if they are getting opened from a dialog context menu (suppose) , because context menu file is general.

Thanks for help in advance.
Edit your addon.xml
Set debugging from False to True
It is already done.
That displays file name of currently displayed window.
From where these (and many others) are getting opened?
Means where should I click , what menus should I visit so that one of these files displays something on screen.

In my skin I have not included these files , and the skin is working but if I distribute the skin others may encounter many problems because of missing files so , I want to become clear if some file is necessary I will include that otherwise not.

Thank You .

DialogProgress: scan database
DialogSeekBar: in Fullscreen Video
DialogOK: confirm dialog to delete movies for example
DialogKaiToast: Call Notification with Notification(test,test) in keymap.xml
DialogSlider: Volume Change I think
etc etc

most are self-explaining, i don´t think there´s a list which one is called how.
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DialogSlider i.e. audio or subtitle delay. Volume change is DialogVolumeBar.
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And such things you guys know from experience?
It has to be written some where.
Take a look at foundation skin. There are pretty much infos with screenshots,
Btw, you shouldn't remove any xml in the skin folder if your plan is to share your work for public.

As base look at confluence skin or as mentioned above skin foundation.
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