Adding XBMCbuntu machine to windows 7 homegroup.
Hi all, just wondered if this was possible, main reason would be to transfer, newly ripped music, tv shows ect, over to the external hdd's connected to xbmc machine over the network (this is possible right?) Kind of a hassle constantly dissconnecting the externals and connecting them to the laptop, just to add a few albums, or new episodes.
Not sure about home group, but you create a smb share on the linux box and windows should be able to access it. No clue at all about homegroups, never use it (I think). I still do workgroup networking.

You might have to install samba server components (you did with dharma).

Tons of info online on how to createa a smb share in linux.
Home groups are a Win7+ thing. It's not supported by other OSs. As dandirk said, you can share via SMB (samba), which should work pretty well.
No, the homegroup is proprietary implementation of SMB - only accessible via Windows-PCs within the homegroup.
What you want is still very much possible - using Linux's SMB integration "Samba". Here is a guide on how to do that:
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thanks for the help, now im having trouble installing the samba packabe, my command line looks like this:
[email protected]:^$ sudo apt-get install system-config-samba

it then gives me an option to install something, i assume samba, i say yes, then i get a host of 404 not found errors
Any ideas?
Can you post those errors? Seems like the sources are either down, misconfigured or your network isn't configured like it should be.
Do you have problems installing any other software?
Best way would be to post the whole output of apt (you could use something like to paste the text)
Need help? Check out my XBMC Frodo Guide. It contains full featured guides to Sickbeard and CouchPotato as well.

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I just installed gedit with no problems heres what it said during the samba install.

W: Failed to fetch
404 Not Found

W: Failed to fetch
404 Not Found

W: Failed to fetch
404 Not Found

Edit. Just installed Ubuntu Software Center, again no problem, tried installing samba from there, 'failed to download package files, check your internet connection' so guessing its a problem with thw website?
Try changing the default server in Software Sources:

gksudo software-properties-gtk

The above will open Software Sources...where is says "Download from" change it to the main server...close it then:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install system-config-samba

See if it works.

Ok thanks for the help jawilljr that got it installed, now ive set it up following the guide HenryFord posted a few posts above, But i still can find anything on my windows machine. i can see the linux machine on the routers webpage.

Edit: Im on windows 7 ultimate if that helps. Im gonna go scream into a pillow for a little while.
First test if your share is working... On your win7 box, open run, then \\<IP_address_of_XBMC>. It should show your samba share that you setup on the xbmc box.

If that works then networking if ok, its just name resolution/workgroup issue. Which you wouldn't have to fix but is a perk.

In the samba config file there is a setting used to join a windows workgroup (I think there is also a way to change that in the xbmc gui as well)... Make sure this matches what your win7 is setup at (default is WORKGROUP).

I dug up my notes back when I did something similar... my smb.conf file was set as follows:

workgroup = danhome
netbios name = XBMCLive
security = SHARE
auth methods = guest
domain master = No
wins support = Yes

comment = XBMC System Share
path = /home
force user = dandirk
inherit permissions = yes
read only = No
guest ok = Yes
OK now im get somewhere thanks dandirk. I can now see a <homes> folder, a <'username'> folder which are both empty and i can open them up. I can also see both my external harrdives but cant open them due to not having permission. any ideas?
Sorry not sure... I am guessing there could be something special with the USB drives, sharing and rights. Pretty much a linux hack, only able to do have is needed to get it to work, don't understand a whole bunch about it.

Please note the smb.conf file I posted is very specific to my setup/needs... Maybe use another share to share your usb drivesHuh
Ive decided its not really worth the effort now, transfered a few files to the folders i could access and realised at 1.5MBS it would take longer than it would to connect the HDDs to the main computer via USB, Ahh well. Thanks for the help though.
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