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PlayOn - Netflix - UnblockUS
Not really a problem with XBMC, was trying to post in 'off-topic' but it won't let me, so if anyone wants to move it?

Anyhoo, I like the way the PlayOn upnp server nicely intergrates stuff into XBMC esp Netflix playing inside xbmc rather than going to browser.

I'm in the UK & use Unblock-US to access the US Netflix site (which is about 10 million times better than the UK btw).

All other non-premium channels work great, but Netflix works for a few seconds before giving me the 'unable to connect' bit. I've heard HULU+ gives the same error.

PlayOn support, whilst quick, wouldn't really help because I'm using VPN so I thought someone here may be using it.

So my question is; Does anyone here access the US Netflix site with Unblock-US via PlayOn successfully?

Just so I don't waste anymore time.

Thanks in advance
Hi did you manage to fix this?

I have a similar setup using StrongVPN all the other content works and I can play Netflix videos fine on the host PC but just keep getting the unable to connect message on XBMC Sad
Unfortunately not.
I'm really stumped on it tbh.
PlayOn support just say it doesn't work in the UK.
They won't trouble-shoot it any further when I say I access the US site fine by any other means with unblock-us other than with playon.

It's not an xbmc fault, I tried streaming US netflix to my ps3 via playon just to test, that gave the same error.

A sale lost for them.
After doing a good bit of digging on this I have found that PlayOn is using a service called MaxMind to determine if you are using a VPN. I tried to block the Maxmind as described here but then I get the error that content cant be played outside the US straightaway. I had a little success running PlayOn in user run mode but it worked for one video then went back to the unable to connect error.

I have a spare Revo lying in the cupboard so I think I may just set it up as a Netflix appliance which I didnt really want to do as I hate pluggin in more things than actually required!
Good spot.
FYI, the xbmcflicks add-on works fine with my vpn so you might want to give that a go. I just wanted to use playon as I'm not completely happy with xbmcflicks launching the browser window for viewing. Other than that it's good stuff.
Im using Live version of XBMC so unfortunately no Netflix support with xbmcflicks Sad . Before going the separate appliance route I am going to rent a VPS in the US and setup my own VPN service which should hopefully not be flagged by MaxM. That will be for this weekend so will let you know how I get on.
Ah I see.
I'd appreciate the update, may be a route I'd take as I'm already paying for VPN so if I can just shift that payment to something that'd work with playon that'd be great.
Thanks & good luck!
I have the same problem with playon - it won't work with my dns spoofer either (that's trying plain Hulu, and all other USA geo-blocked services).

No problems using serviio to access hulu material.

Looks like playon are losing a few potential customers here.
OK Guys I've returned to this because I really don't like being beaten!
I've got good news & bad news & a bit more bad news & some more good news.

Bad news - This will not work with a UK Netflix account. No way no how.
However, this will work with a US account, which sounds like a bummer but it actually isn't.

Creating a US Netflix account is as simple as can be & you'll even get a months free trial IF you use a different card to the one you have on your UK account.

With your unblock-us DNS enabled go to (log out if you're still logged in) & sign up using a different email address.
The only thing they ask for in regards to your address is your zip code, & obviously this has to tie in to your registered card address.

To get around this, if your postcode is cr7 6tr take the numbers (7 and 6) & make the numbers up to 5 digits using 0's. ie: 76000. If that doesn't work replace the last digit with a 1: 76001.
You can check it's a valid zip-code here

It's actually cheaper than a UK account ($7.99 = £5.19 today) & you'll get proper queue functionality on all your devices (PS3 etc).

The quality isn't very good through playon to be honest though, no HD from what I can tell & 2.0 sound. But it is pretty slick intergration wise, although it's slow to load on my pretty crappy set-up.

And this also means you can use the WMC Netflix plugin too, although you need to make changes to your PC to do this. I'll post the instructions if anyone wants them.

Have Fun!
Sorry to dig up an old topic.. but I was wondering about this too, and I just grabbed PlayOn on sale for $20 and tried it out with my UK Netflix account without even using a proxy/vpn and it works, as does Play Later. For some reason, when setting up Channels in PlayOn settings, hitting "Test login" gives an error. Which threw me off at first as I thought it wouldn't work at all.. but then just jumped the gun and tried it through XBMC/PlayLater and it works fine.

There are some issues like it doesn't seem to let you choose which netflix profile you can use, and it defaults to my usual one, and it doesn't have a "Recently Watched" option to continue what you have been watching.. so you have to find what you want manually each time it seems. Also when you watch it Live from XBMC it doesn't seem to rewind properly..Not sure if that is an XBMC plugin problem or PlayOn problem. So I recommend using playlater to record stuff in advance and then watch them through XBMC.


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