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TV Scaper not recognizing Top Gear USA
TV Scraper not recognizing Top Gear USA the folder. the file naming is Top.Gear.US.S03E02.Muscle...
any idea how I can fix it?

oh also I have Top gear in the same parent: TV Shows folder which is recognized.

Thanks in advance
If in doubt check TVDB -

Top Gear (US)
Ok i should have said xbmc not recognizing tv show Top Gear USA?
It's not the file name that's important, only the folder name. Name the folder "Top Gear (US)" and you shouldn't have any problem.
just tried this and I am having the same problem. i even tried a movie.nfo file inside with a link to tmdb url and that didnt work too.
Just made a folder named Top Gear (US) and made a dummy episode file s01e01.avi and it scraped fine.
I am posting the log here. can someone interpret the info? looks to me the episodes are there but for some reason it is not pulling it.if i know how to fix it, i will. thanks!
You still have the file structure
top gear (us)/

Try /TV/Top gear US/Season 3/S03E01.mkv and just that.

That or it is because season 3 has no info on theTVDB yet.
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i think you are right, imdb and tvdb has conflicting episode numbers in seasons. not sure what is going on but that was my issue. thanks!
I have the same issue. I have matched my epsiodes to TVDB as this is my scraper, but it stops adding them after S02E08 no matter what I try.

Sickbeard follows TVDB numbering, but XBMC just wont grasp it.

TV Scaper not recognizing Top Gear USA00