Basic help required please ref upgrading...
Hi all,

Have been loving XBMC for a couple of years now with the Aeon skin but recently more and more movies are not playing properly and are stuttering / juddering during playback. If I open them with VLC they play fine tho which is strange. I'm using an Acer Revo 3610 2GB ram with windows 7. I have version 10 of XBMC installed and am wanting to try the upgrade to Eden. I have a few questions please:

1. How do I upgrade? Just uninstall v10 and download and install v11?
2. [MY BIG WORRY] I'm very picky about my thumbnails and fan art for movies/ tv and album art for music. I assume that if I install Eden all of my custom art will go? Is there a way I can save a certain folder somewhere with my custom art in and just paste that folder into the new installation? It's taken me so long and I don't want to loose it all
3. Will Aeon still be there or will I have to re-install? Been so long I don't even remember how I did that or where files are etc?
4. Is there an alternative to Aeon anyone can recommend as it was getting a bit slow, but with very similar layout?

Thank you so much in advance, looking forward to any help you can offer

Thank you!
1. Just install v11 on top of v10 (no need for uninstall)
2. Like with all installs a backup is a good plan, specially if you care. Though it should all still be there after the install.
To be sure you go to C:\Users\yourcomputernamehere\AppData\Roaming
Or type %appdata% in the windows explorer navigation bar.
And make a copy of the XBMC folder to put in a safe place.
3. You will have to re-install Aeon.
To install / get more skins, go to where you select skins (appearance, skin) and choose 'get more...' There you will find Aeon Nox.
4. Don't know what Aeon you had but MQ3 just got a makeover and lost half it's weight.
I recommend you have a look. And i bet they can help you out with the repository ect if you like how it looks.
Image [RELEASE] Metroid
Image [RELEASE] IrcChat
Thank you so much MassIV, really helpful info. Answers a lot of the basics for me.
I'm running Aeon65 think its a bit old now and resource heavy. Will give the new one you suggest a try.
Thank you again for taking the time to respond.
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