[Linux] XBMC installed on a Smart TV?
I've been looking at options for having a very light client in my bedroom to access all the content available on the Media PC in the Lounge.

Initially DLNA looked promising but have had issues with my BRAVIA tv not detecting compatible content on XBMC their are various threads about this with no solution, however DLNA would only give access to the stored content it would not provide the ability to stream the live TV and Pay TV feeds integrated into XBMC-PVR via TVHeadend. You would be able to access any recorded content from the Live TV & Pay TV feeds via DLNA.

To access the live content a fully functional XBMC client would be required installed on a light weight client (Apple TV, ION based PC) The drawback is requiring another piece of hardware in the bedroom.

The ultimate solution IMHO would be a Smart TV that had been hacked to the point you could install XBMC on it making it the ultimate client. Some of the Samsung TV's have hacked firmware for mounting NFS shares etc

I imagine it would be no easy task and limitations around how much room is available on the Smart TV's storage would all need to be overcome.

Media PC:
Zotac ION 330
Live Feeds via - DVB-T & DVB-S2 (Freeview and Pay TV)
TVHeadend SVN

Update - The PLEX plugin for Samsung TV's (and some BD devices) supports the HTSP protocol which is the answer , htsp is how i currently get live tv from TVHeadend into my garage.

No need for any bulky hardware other than a Samsung TV with the PLEX plugin...
Hi redstorm,
I've been contemplating similar thoughts about installing XBMC on a Samsung smart TV. (I have an LA40B650 without the range of applications).

It would be ideal to install XBMC as either an App, or even replace the entire "Content" / "Media P" functionality GUI.

Using the SamyGO firmware/procedures I have access to the underlying Linux OS (via Telnet or FTP), with ~120MB of internal free space available (without having to remove things, or mount an external USB).
So now I'm wondering if it would actually be much work to install the Linux version of XBMC. Obviously the work would then be how to run it.

Is there anybody else out there who has any further ideas?
forget about it if you ask me...
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