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I have downloaded and enabled the Rom collection browser plugin and it shows up as Games on my main menu in my fresh Eden install with MQ3 but I can't seem to see any sources for it. All I see is my optical drives, no hard drives at all. They show up perfectly fine in the movies sections but nothing for any program based addon, like Advanced Launcher for example. I also tried adding the source path via sources.xml in the userdata folder but that didn't help either. Is this a skin bug or am I doing something wrong?
I don't think this is a skin issue. I seem to remember someone in the RCB thread having the same problem, so perhaps you should search there.
You need to add the drives or folders via XBMC file manager.
I have those drives added for the video stuff and they show up great as sources for video but anytime I pick a program addon (rom collection/advanced launcher) there are only the optical drives. As I mentioned I even tried manually adding sources with the sources.xml file. I'll check out teh RCB thread as well and see if I can find what I'm missing. Maybe I misunderstood you malte, and there is another place to add these sources.
Do you have a CD/DVD in the drive? Try ejecting it and restarting XBMC.
(2012-04-20, 17:18)Tomkun Wrote: Do you have a CD/DVD in the drive? Try ejecting it and restarting XBMC.

This was my problem though it didn't effect adding video paths it did cause me to not see them for Rom Collection. Weird but true. Thank you very much for the help!
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