Launch XBMC with iPhone app?
yes i realise that a server type thing would need installing to wait for a signal. I think im way out of my depth though with this stuff. I have been in talks with some clever people and they said that the best option is to use mobile substrate to send a signal over to a piece of software on my mac that sits in the background waiting for it.

I think you need to realize what you are working with. There are a lot of remote apps out there that will work with XBMC. I will agree with you that XBMC remote is one of the nicer apps to use but it will not launch XMBC. I also don't believe the developer of XBMC remote has any association with the XBMC developers but I may be wrong. There are many people that love RowMote and use it as an XBMC remote. This app will launch XBMC. Another option would be to put XBMC in your login items and have it launch when you start your computer. Have your TV connected as a second monitor and have XBMC start in full screen on that monitor. You can still use your computer as needed for other uses and have XBMC ready on your TV any time.
(2012-04-21, 15:55)Chris230291 Wrote: Hmm i dont understand how i can make any app launch the XBMC app on my computer?

The reason you don't understand is because you haven't actually tried what I suggested or at least informed yourself on their website. If u had you would know it has a server app (VNC) running on you computer.
Thank you for telling me about rowmote, it's not what i wanted but i guess it will do until theres a better solution.

Having XBMC set to open on login isn't a good idea because apple didn't think to let us have 2 monitors running full screen apps. Also they dont let us choose which monitor is used. Fullscreen apps are displayed on the primary monitor, ie, the screen with the menu bar and dock. Hopefully apple will address this with mountain lion this summer. I have tried third party tools that claim you can choose which app opens where ect, but i couldn't get them to work.

(2012-04-21, 01:03)Japaja Wrote: HippoRemote can launch xbmc or any other program. It can also turn on your computer and it works with both mac and pc. I don't think it has anything to do with "eden" upgrade as you put it or xbmc.

thanks great app hippo remote

i can write
2 finger scroll
i have profiles

the pro version really worth it fantastic job.

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I am running Snow Leopard and run XBMC in full screen on my TV as a secondary monitor. Running XBMC full screen on the second monitor is an XBMC setting not an OS setting.

I know you want an all-in-one app but I find XBMC remote nicer enough than RowMote to just launch XBMC with RowMote then switch over to XBMC Remote.
That's really interesting. How do you set which screen XBMC launches on?

Also, i planned on using Rowmote just to launch XBMC myself. I like the whole iPod feel the XBMC remote has over navigating through the XMBC interface itself.

If Lion will let me choose which monitor XBMC launches on within XBMC, then i can just have it launch at login. As i only use the secondary monitor for XBMC.

I will try to remember how to set the monitor my memory here. I think it is under System>general. It is at the top of the menu and there is a drop down that says Windowed, Full screen #1, Full Screen #2. You want Full Screen #2. If it is not in General try the Video menu.
Thanks for the reply.

I have found the option you meant in settings, but i only have the options of Fullscreen #1 or windowed. I think Lion is stopping me from doing what i want.
Since apple added fullscreen apps and stuff (which i think are great), your second monitor is pretty much redundant. :/
At the moment im getting by with "mirroring" displays, but i would like to be able to choose which screen and have it launch at login. Like i said previously, hopefully mountain lion makes secondary (and 3rd, 4th 5th ect) displays of use again.

Did you have the second monitor connected and turned on when you checked in XBMC?
I didn't at first, but then i thought of that and it still didn't work.

You do have the second monitor set up in system pref? If you have a second monitor configured and it won't let XBMC launch in that monitor then I will be sure not to upgrade soon.
Yes i do. It's just a limitation of Lion, you will find people complaining about it all over the web. Hopefully this will change.
That sucks. It seems the love-hate relationship with Apple keeps tilting more and more to the hate side.
I dont think it's something they have done on purpose. What with them adding support for airplay secondary monitors, i think it's fair to assume Mountain Lion will bring back the support for multiple displays that Snow leopard had. It's the new Mission control stuff and fullscreen apps that have interfered with it i think.
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