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xmbc box design
Hello Xbmc Members....

I have blown peoples minds with this xbmc software, But I have a question about network streaming from a server to xbmc boxes on my network.i would like to know what is the best way to stream my collection of movies and music from a network server and send this stream to family members online(people with internet connection).The other question is whats the string or code to make your own add on program or video addon.Im currently designing a cable type of box.your input on the design is needed.
Addons are written in Python if that's what you mean. If you're trying to develop an addon see the appropriate subforums.
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Just to pick it up...
If you don't want to write an addon, create an SSH service on your server connected with an DynDNS account and add this as SSH source in XBMC...
Even HD Streaming possible if your bandwith is sufficient...
5MB up on server side...

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