Having mixed results with the Twilight Zone TV Series
So I had been frustrated on how to add The Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection.
I finally figured out (through post here) how to create the file names and folder structure.

I got the 1st Season to scrape using the TVDB scraper.
Each iso contains 8 episodes,...so I have 5 iso's for each of the 5 seasons.

When it scraped Season 1,..it found each individual episode and when done, I see each episode for season 1 when I view my TV Shows folder.

I then moves on to the other Seasons,....(I had tried a scraping of all seasons with some issues)
These all show that they find each episode for that season,...but when I view Season 2-5, I only see info for each iso, with fanart for the first episode per iso.

I had also exported the video library to the separate folders and the .nfo and such are in each Season's folder.
The .nfo file has details for each any every episode for all seasons,....but still I can only view the first episode per iso, and not all episodes.

When I did combine them all together in combined folder structure, it seems that Season 1 now also shows the show issue as 2-5 seasons.

Any ideas?
Finally figured it out!!!!

I had to create a name for the Bonus material on the first DVD iso.

The Twilight Zone S01E0.ISO

Once I added this and the library updated,...I now see:
*All Seasons (with every episode, including the bonus material)
Season 1 (now showing every Season 1 episode)
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5

The fanart is still not matching the indivual episodes,..but I think I can fix that pretty easily by modifying the .nfo file.

Hope this helps someone else.

BTW, here's what my naming schema was: The Twilight Zone S01E01E02E03E04E05E06E07.ISO
and so on.....
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Having mixed results with the Twilight Zone TV Series00