Main Menu with Video Playing in background
I currently have XBMC setup on my laptop until i get my HTPC put together. This gives me some times to work out all the kinks and key bindings that I will need for my remote. I have come across one issue that I can only seem to resolve using a mouse click even though the mouse is not supported by Aeon Nox.

I am watching a movie or TV show normally. I grab the remote to change something. I accidentally hit Back/Backspace and wind up at the home screen/main menu for XBMC. The movie/show is still playing in the background. How do I go back to normally viewing the movie/show? The only way I have found is to click on the background with my mouse, then hit 'M' to remove the Player Controls OSD again.

Can anyone give me a keyboard only way to get back to properly viewing the movie? (so that I can program it to my remote)
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