.wtv scraper not working

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trey710 Offline
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I'm a Windows MCE user who's decided to try using XBMC as a front end. Recorded TV will show up in File view but not in Library view. I understand that this will happen if the TVDB scraper can't recognize the naming convention.

I understand that MCE doesn't store recorded TV in a proper file name so I've done what I can to rename the files to try to fix this. Since getting season and episode number out of .wtv meta data is impossible I've been dependent on using air date. I've tried formatting my TV shows in Title-Airdate using two different tools, MC-TV Converter and MCE Buddy. Both tools produce identical naming conventions (Title-YYYY-MM-DD), but MC-TV Converter maintains the .wtv file name and MCE Buddy is converting to MPEG.

As long as the file format is not .wtv, the files will show up in Library. Files from MC-TV Converter that maintain the .wtv extension do not. I've added .wtv to my advancedsettings.xml file with no change. Does anybody have any other suggestions to get .wtv files in Library view?

I'd rather not convert if I can avoid it. Thanks for your help.
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You may think you have added .wtv...

Also a development forum.
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What you could try is this Remuxer tool.

With this you can remux the .wtv container to .ts or .m2ts and a couple other formats. This will ensure there is no conversion in the streams. And i think XBMC would recognize your recordings.

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Spiff, What forum should I post in?

Baswazz, I appreciate the suggestions but I want my recorded TV to stay under recorded TV in WMC. That only happens if the extension stays .wtv.
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