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Browse By Actor Doesn't Show Grouped Movies

I'm still loving Eden! The scraping of Movie Set data has really helped keep things organized. Many thanks to the developers and other team members for their hard work and amazing accomplishment!

One thing I've noticed is that when I'm in the Library and I'm browsing movies by Actor, the results do not show the movies he/she is in when the "Group movies in sets" options is turned on. When I turn off that option, the results do include all the movies. (Oddly enough, during my testing I decided to see what would happen if I browsed by an Actor that I knew ONLY appeared in a movie that is being grouped in a set, and XBMC showed me the set name. The actor was not in each of the movies of the set, either.)

Browsing by title, genre, etc. doesn't exclude the sets, from the testing I've done.

I understand that showing a set name while browsing by Actor may not be entirely accurate since the actor may not have been in each of the movies, so perhaps individual movie names would be more appropriate for that view. Since my testing showed that browsing by an actor that only appears in a movie set actually showed the set name, the code must be in there somewhere already, so maybe that would be easier to implement. Either way, it would be nice if there is at least something in the results to show the actor was in more movies (set name or individual movie name)

Thank you!
I noticed I had a bunch of missing actors and years in which it showed the actor or year but when I entered that I saw nothing. Turns out every single one of these is in a set (I have an enormous Netflix set). If I turn off sets I can see the movies fine.

It would be nice if something happened where if you browse by genre/year/actor etc. that sets didn't work, only if you are browsing by title (the only time sets really make intuitive sense anyway).
Looking at the two database queries that get run when you browse by actors (one for sets, one for movies), the first only selects sets in which the actor has starred in more than one movie in the set, while the second only selects movies starring the actor which are not in sets with more than one movie.

So... If the actor is in only one movie from a set, and that set has more than one movie in it, then the set won't get selected by the first query, and the movie won't get selected by the second. There's a flaw there.
Have anyone raise a ticket on this issue?
This breaks the whole point of putting movies in sets, if they are not included the rest of the quieryes (Browse by year, actor etc.)


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