Struggling mightily with an import problem
I don't know if this is Aeon Nox related or not, but either my search skills are lacking tonight or I'm just missing something easy...

In preparation for integrating a new Zotac Zbox loaded with the latest OpenELEC beta into my existing home theater setup, I loaded up XBMC on my laptop and picked the Aeon Nox skin as it suits my tastes perfectly. Prior to all of this, I scraped all of my movies using the latest Ember release, which also went well. I have two distinct directories on my server for my movies: High Def and Standard Def. The High Def folder has a structure of: High Def - Movie - Movie.mkv (or whatever extension. In my Standard Def folder, all of the movies are dvd rips, so the structure is slightly different: Standard Def - Movie - Video_TS - files. Now the conundrum that I'm having is this: On my laptop, XBMC running the Aeon Nox skin has absolutely zero problems using all of the local data I created with Ember in regards to the Standard Def folder. All of the posters I picked as well as the fanart and all of the file characteristics show up perfectly. However, on my Zotac running OpenELEC, my Standard Def folder is having a wicked hard time using the local data created by Ember. The High Def folder works perfectly on the Zotac, but no matter what I try, the Standard Def folder just flat out refuses to use the information done using Ember.

Is this an OpenELEC problem? An Ember problem? An Aeon Nox problem (this one I highly doubt)? Hopefully I'm not the only one running OpenELEC that used Ember to scrape movies ripped in DVD format that also happens to use Aeon Nox, so maybe someone out there might have some insight for me. Apologies again if the answer is but a quick search away, but like I said, my pro search skills seem to have failed me tonight.
definitely not a skin problem --> wrong forum.

"Straight DVD rips would be best placed in a folder containing the movie title and year. Avoid using the \VIDEO_TS\ folder in your storage path:
MovieName (year)\VIDEO_TS.vob"

btw to make sure problems aren´t skin-related, just try it with another skin.
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Going to run a test of what you just posted as well as switch skins. The only thing that is different between my two setups is one is running OpenELEC and the other is running XBMC for windows, I wouldn't think that that would be the issue, but right now it's my only logical choice. And again, my laptop had zero problems with my file structure as it pulled in all of the data flawlessly.
Problem solved. This might be of some use to someone in the future, so I'll explain how I fixed my issue.

First, I tried switching the skin to Confluence. I still had the issue, so it wasn't a skin problem (I expected as much). Then, I tried all the various flavors of OpenELEC and even XBMCbuntu. Problem still persisted. Finally, I tried a test case with a movie that was in the dvd file strucutre. I moved all of the files out of the video_ts folder and into the movie folder (by everything I mean fanart, .vob files, the works). Success...sort of. When I added my test movie as a media path, all of my fanart and posters that I scraped using Ember showed up automatically, but the movie wouldn't play. So, I moved all of the .vob files back into a video_ts folder, and the movie played.

So while: "Straight DVD rips would be best placed in a folder containing the movie title and year. Avoid using the \VIDEO_TS\ folder in your storage path:
MovieName (year)\VIDEO_TS.vob" might be the general consensus, it did not work out that way for me. So now I'm going to move all of the files out of the video_ts folder that aren't related to the actual movie files and place them under the movie folder, and re-scrape, and life should be good again.

Thanks for the suggestion phil, without it I'd probably still be pulling my hair out, even though it didn't fully fix the issue, it definitely pointed me in the right direction. And in case I haven't said it, really love this skin.

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