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HTPC Wakeup Issues
in my case, same receiver same controllers wake up fine in my older gigabyte mobo...
On this one...nothing. All other usb devices wake up just perfect,,,
I'll just assume that it's not compatible with that motherboard, which is ashame because wake up and sleep are pretty important when it comes to a HTPC.

Anyway, am I to assume from my reading that since my motherboard has a CIR header that this IR receiver is guaranteed to work with my Harmony and motherboard? I just want to make sure before I order one. I know I have to change the pinout which I don't think will be a problem.

well your using an ASRock E350M1,
the re-pin'ed CIR receiver from INTESET has been approved working on the A75M-ITX.
so, yes, it can work on yours too.
but again, i cant confirm you something no one tried...
just like us sometimes, ==> guinea pig time Spyderturbo00!

also, your wireless Logitech keyboard, which model is it?
(2012-04-25, 02:17)eskro Wrote: so, the way i understand is this... u need 2 things here...

1) a motherbaord that has some sort of USB always 'on' feature
2) a USB IR RECEIVER that is capable of sending commands when the PC is sleeping...

failure to have either of those will result in stuff not working,,,

Adding onto this eskro, I believe that this feature does NOT actually work on some motherboards EVEN if it has such an option listed in the BIOS. For one thing, it seems that you need to have a USB header that supplies power even when your PC is off. It seems that this varies by motherboard and even varies by the different USB headers on your motherboard.

I will be able to report findings when I try some things out on on my asrock a75m-itx..
I don't mind being the Guinea Pig, but I've never heard of that company before and the don't offer PayPal. Has anyone ordered from them before? Are they trustworthy?
oh yeah, INTESET is safe place to buy
Awesome. I went ahead and placed my order so I'll post back the results when it arrives.
I just received an email that my order has shipped. I don't have a tracking number, but hopefully it will be here soon!
Well, it arrived today and after a little hassle getting it installed it works! Apparently they changed the wire colors since the post over on their forums providing re-pinning instructions.

The only issue I have is that it puts the HTPC to sleep as opposed to turning it off completely. Is there a setting inside of windows that allows me to specify what the computer does she. It receives the PowerToggle command from the remote? The only reason I ask is because ,y stupid ASRock motherboard doesn't have an option to turn off the flashing LED power light when it's in standby. I could unhook the wire from the motherboard but then there would be no way to tell if it's on or off. I wouldn't mind doing that but I'm addressing handshake issues with my receiver right now. Until I get that fixed I need the LED so it doesn't confuse my wife.
oh they changed the colors, ok,
i'll have to edit my remote thread then.
thanks for that.
but following the image Here,
works right?

also, did u install the CIR driver?

about handshake issues,
u can try software solution ==> HDMiON
or if not, pricey, but, hardware solution ==> HDmi Detective Plus
Correct. There is no longer a gray wire. There is now both an Orange and a Brown. I'll look tomorrow and let you know which is which. I threw the paper away I had everything written down on.

I'm working with the EDID right now and might have the issue solved using a program I found on AVSForum. I generated the new .ini for the Denon receiver and will see if that solves the issue.

Can you change the sleep state triggered when you hit the power button or does it default to S3?
did u install the CIR driver?
and when your trying to S5 the HTPC S3's instead?

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