HTPC Wakeup Issues
I currently have a ASRock E350M1 motherboard and I can't figure out how to wake it up from standby without pressing the button on the front of the case. I can't find anywhere in the BIOS to enable a specific sleep state. If I go to the device manager, my eHome Receiver doesn't have the "Allow this device to wake the computer" option.

Is there something I'm missing or is that board unable to wake the computer?
no enough info.

which usb receiver r u using?

which remote or keyboard model?
Its the Microsoft one I got with the purchase of a PVR card years ago. I'm not at home to grab a model number right now, but here is a picture I dug up with Google.

I'm using a Harmony One to control XBMC currently.

EDIT -> The receiver has the following on the bottom.

Remote Control and Receiver 1.0A for Media Center PC with Windows
Model: 1040
ok, might be your IR Receiver the issue.

im investigating this for awhile and,

so far i think some receiver cant accept remote signals when the PC is OFF or SLEEPING.

again, there's motherboards like the A75M-ITX made by ASROCK

that has advanced bios options to allow usb wake features

but even then, some users have reported that some IR receivers still wouldnt wake the pc...

so, yeah, i strongly believe some receiver cant accept ir remote signals when the PC is OFF or SLEEPING.

im pretty sure that if you would buy an IpazzPort Mini WireLess Keyboard, u'll be able to wake your PC

as its usb dongle is reported working by Me and Beer40.
Can a USB keyboard wake it up? If not wake-on-USB would need to be enabled in the BIOS.
What about something like the ASRock Smart Remote?

It says it can wake the computer from S5 so I guess I could turn it off when I'm done and then start it that way. Provided I could get the Harmony to emulate the Smart Remote. I assume if it will wake the machine from being off, that it would work when it's in S2 or S3 sleep.
Maybe try installing "Instant Boot":
ASROCK SMART REMOTE require your motherboard to have
a CIR header...
According to the manual, the E350M1 does have a CIR header. I'm pretty sure I saw it on their list of supported motherboards when looking at the Smart Remote.
then if so, your set
I'm trying to get this to work since I read that the ASRock CIR module has an unusable range. I can't get the remote to wake it up or put it to sleep. If I manually put it to sleep, I can then wake it up using the Enter key on a wired USB keyboard. A wireless USB keyboard will not wake up the machine nor will the remote.

Everything related to USB is set to "Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby" and I have disabled "Allow the computer to put this device to sleep". Once it's in Sleep, I can hit the remote button and watch the IR receiver flash indicating it is receiving a signal, but nothing happens.

I have tried installing the ASRock instant boot, but that didn't work either. Does anyone have this working with this board? Thanks!
it has nothing to do with ASRock instant boot...

check in your BIOS options to see if there's a feature that
let you PowerON using a keyboard/mouse or something like that...

also, which ir remote/receiver your talking about?

also, which wireless keyboard your talking about?

u need to give more details...
I have exactly the same problem with a chinese usb remote control. Im using gigabyte z68 ud2h, sandz bridge...try all
There is an option to allow a PS/2 keyboard to wake the computer but nothing specifically saying anything like wake from USB. There is nothing that allows me to specifically set the sleep state, other than the generic Enable / Disable "Suspend to RAM". If I set that to Enable, it appears that the computer is entering S3 as the LED is blinking on the front. According to the manual, that indicates S3 sleep.

I've tried with both the Harmony One and the MCE remote that came with the Microsoft Model 1040 Receiver that I'm using. The wireless keyboard is a Logitech that I steal from my office computer when I need to do something on the HTPC.

Thanks eskro!
well i too, on my HTPC,
There is an option to allow a PS/2 keyboard to wake the computer from S3, not S5 tho...
and, once turned on, well, my PS/2 keyboard of course can wake up the pc from S3 state.

now, i bought an Ipazzport wireless mini RF keyboard,
and, once in S3 state, im able to wake imy PC using it!
thats mainly because its an RF keyboard.

when i have the Bluetooth version of it,
i wasnt able to wake from S3...
thats why i like RF better then bluetooth....

so, again, if your logitech is bluetooth,
thats probably the reason why it wont wake up your PC from S3...

and if your Logitech is RF well, im starting to be clueless...

now, your Remotes and your IR USB Receiver,
as i mentioned a couple of times,
its a hit and miss here...
lets say your PC does wake up from S3 when using a RF wireless keybaord ok,
now, it doesnt mean that your USB IR Receiver will work...

im strongly thinking that some USB IR Receivers arent capable somehow to
send commands to your PC when its sleeping...
yes, even tho some motherboard BIOS have a USB 'ON' feature,
still, it just seems some IR receivers are only working when the PC is fully ON.

example, user named CpTHOOK confirmed to us that he can Power ON from S5
looks like its USB IR RECEIVER is capable of sending commands to the PC
even when the PC is in S3 and S5!

but again, your motherbaord also needs to have some sort of USB always 'on' feature
and CpTHOOK's motherbaord, the ASROCK A75M-ITX has such a feature.

so, the way i understand is this... u need 2 things here...

1) a motherbaord that has some sort of USB always 'on' feature
2) a USB IR RECEIVER that is capable of sending commands when the PC is sleeping...

failure to have either of those will result in stuff not working,,,
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