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Transparency not show contest of the submenu
Sorry but my english is not very well... in the new XBMC eden release the transparency skins doesn´t show the contest of the submenu, fo example I have a submenu folder "documentary" in the videos Menu, the submenu doesnt show any folder but in the previous XBMC release the item of this submenu showed perfectlly.



Its a known bug. for now as a work around, you need to map your "documentary" source as a shared network drive (SMB) instead of a local folder link, and it will work fine.

1 .Make sure you remove it from the menu first.
2. Then remove it from your "favorites".
3. Then remap your "documentary" source as smb.
4. Then make it a favorite again.
5. Then add it back to your menu and test.

Hope this helps
thanks a lot!

best regards from Spain

Transparency not show contest of the submenu00