Win Black Screen after Stand By
Dear XBMC community,

I've got some problem after reactivation the XBMC from stand by / hibernate. I don't get any Videoscreen after wake up my System.
If i'm switching to the desktop I see the desktop. After Switching back to XBMC, the screen is black. I can hear the Sound if i'm try to navigate to somewhere, but the Screen stays black.

the Solution: Exiting XBMC and restart it. But this is an annoying workarround because I dont use a Keyboard with my XBMC normally.

My System: Windows 7 Ultimate
Grafik: Intel integradet HD Technology
Display: LG 42" LED TV
XBMC 11.0 Eden

I searched for some Configuration Options in the System Menu, but didn't find anything like that. The only Menue entry is called "Turn off Monitor" and this is not activated. no Standby, no Screensaver.

Is this an known problem?

Thank you for your help!
Use eventghost to automatically restart xbmc on resume.

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