Request: Show media files not in library
I have a rather large library of files. Many times movies do not scan in properly. It would be very tedious to sift through each file one by one looking for which ones I need to add manually. What would make it so much easier is if I could get xbmc to list which media files in my source folders are not in the library.

Along the same lines I think if xbmc would use a backup scraper in case the primary scraper fails to find anything this would be a nice feature also.

Thanks for all the hard work.
This has been requested a number of times (if you search you'll see them). There was a script written for Dharma that you could get off the repository, though I don't know if that is still maintained or modified to work for Eden. Have a look in the addons.

I definitely like the idea, though not sure on the best way to implement it. Maybe ALL items should be scraped into the library, but items that have no information (scrape fails to find any info), then have all fields empty, and the name field is recorded as filename..?? I guess my thinking is that, this way, when you view your library, there will be an empty poster/image (or some default "empty" image) for all items that weren't scraped properly. Users can then manually refresh the information. ??

Well, there's probably a better way, but could a Dev please let us know what their thinking is with regards to this (sorry if you've already posted this elsewhere). I know this kind of request might be low in the list of priorities, but if you could let us know whether this is best implemented in the core of xbmc, or as an addon (and why), that would be great.

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With Eden it's pretty simple: Just view by file and anything without metadata attached was not scanned (eg look for missing thumbs for example).

And yes, the thinking is that it's best just to slot everything into the db.
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Yes of course you can see them in file mode. But for those of us with large libraries of files this can be a very tedious task. If only it could sort the files in such a way that those with missing info appeared at the top of the list that would make it much easier.
I'm a recent convert from Mediaportal and this is the one thing that Mediaportal does that I wish XBMC would do too. If a file is scanned and not found, I'd love to see it added to the library and use either the filename for movies or the episode title in the filename for TV show episodes. For example, I have a few files in my TV collection that can't be added to database because the series are locked down and they've said they don't want things like DVD extras (director's cuts, interviews, deleted scenes, etc) added to the database. I'd like to see those alongside the actual episodes in the TV series view, though. With mediaportal, I named the files as a regular episode, but used an unassigned episode number, like S05E100, and added the episode title to the end of the filename. With XBMC, I'm forced to go to the Files view and find it, hopefully remembering which drive it's on.
The missing movie viewer plugin still works, and it's still available from the official repo, it comes up with at list of stuff you have that is not in the library. You still have to hunt it down to manually add it to the library.... but at least you can easily see what you're looking for.
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