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Crystal HD (70015) Not Playing Xvid SD Videos
I just installed Crystal HD (70015) on my PC (Windows XP Professional 32). XBMC is playing my HD videos well now using the Crystal HD card. However, I've noticed that whenever I play an Xvid SD file, XBMC is not using the Crystal HD card at all. I would like for my Xvid videos to play via the Crystal HD card since according to the specs for the 70015, it should play Xvid and Divx video files as well.

Is there something that I can do to make all my video files play using the Crystal HD card?

I've also noticed that when it plays HD video using the Crystal HD, the CPU runs between 30-40% after it is done. However, if I play an SD video and the Crystal HD is not being used, the CPU jumps at 100% and stays at that rate (after the video stops) no matter what I do until I restart XBMC.
XBMC doesn't have code to accelerate xvid/divx with Crystal HD cards.
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Thanks CrystalP for your response. As my way around it, I just decided to play all the SD and HD videos via the external player MPC. Works like a charm since MPC is decoding everything via the Crystal HD card.

Crystal HD (70015) Not Playing Xvid SD Videos00