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XBMC Eden video/audio stutter on Mac OSX 10.6.8
Mhh yep same. Could you try with the latest nightly build? We updated ffmpeg there and alot of other changes are introduced there. Would be interesting if that issue is already fixed.
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Hmmm, no luck with the nightly build. Same stutter. I didn't have debugging on, so I'll try it again later and post the log.

This only seems to happen with these Seinfeld episodes. The only other time I see this stutter is when I pause video for a few minutes, and it stutters in a similar fashion when I resume ...
Solved! (I hope.)

First, I went back to Eden 11.0. Then, in OSX System Preferences -> Energy Saver I unchecked "Put the hard disks to sleep whenever possible." I've since watched six or seven episodes of Seinfeld, including the episode mentioned at the top of the thread, without a single stutter.
... not so fast.

Looks like the stutter is back. Not with Seinfeld -- those files are now working perfectly -- but with a 720p MKV x264, about 3GB. I'll post a log and MediaInfo later. Very depressing. I thought I had this solved.

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XBMC Eden video/audio stutter on Mac OSX 10.6.800