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AppleTV 1 (silver) - ISO / VOB Files

I am a current Apple TV 1st Gen owner, interested in this software specifically for the ISO / VOB playback capability.

Being that I will have a 2 tb external hd attached, storage will not be an issue for my media collection. I still have to rip my DVD's to digital yet, however was wondering with the ISO / VOB capability, would it be better to rip the DVD's as ISO and place them on the external hd or would you suggest compressing them to an itunes (apple tv) friendly format such as mp4? With storage not really being an issue, my main priority is video quality. I am assuming I would get the best video quality from the uncompressed ISO, is that correct? Having to convert video to apple tv format is not a problem for me. With that being said, are there any positives or negatives in having my media in the apple tv format as compared to a direct rip such as ISO?

For TV shows, I currently have been ripping them and separating the episodes out such as (S01E01.mp4) This has been working out nicely with metadata software collecting the information specific to the exact episode. For example pulling the description for episode 1, pulling the description for episode 2 etc. My question here mainly deals with ripping a TV Series as ISO / VOB and how plugins such as Saphire will display these TV Series in the UI. For example, ripping a TV Series with 5 total disks for Season 1 of the series. Let's say disk 1 contains episodes 1-5. How will this specific file "Disk 1" be displayed in the UI of Saphire? Will it be able to pull all metadata for each episode 1-5 on disk 1? Or will the UI just reference a generic file name (Dexter Season 1 Disk 1) to display and be clicked on to launch "disk 1" ?
Sorry if my explanations are not the most clear, just trying to pull this idea from my head. Please let me know how this specific experience has been for you guys or any insight / suggestions into a better workflow or options.

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