Anyone who can offer xml edit assistance for skin
I'm no programmer/developer, just a project manager but have to say xbmc really is brilliant. We are wanting to change a few titles and a couple of the pics in Confluence, to personalise xbmc for a commercial application of xbmc and would really like to get the help of somone who is conversant with the skin and would take on the project of editing the files. We would obviously pay for a commercial relationship, either as a further donation to xbmc or as a direct commercial tranaction, whichever you preferred.
If there is someone with an interest we would love to chat. Best person to talk to is my associate Evan who is 'deeply immersed' in learning xbmc at the moment - he is directly contactable via [email protected] Cheers from Roger and congrats to all the guys involved.
my curiosity is peaked mainly because you are in .au as am I but more so about the "commercial application of xbmc" and what that entails before the help with skinning side bit
Personally I think the only person if he's interested, should be Jezz as it's his skin and you're talking commercial, which is not what this project is about.
Noli illegitimi carborundum

I'm thrilled that you replied to my post Jezz_X.

If you look at one of xbmc's sponsors, at-visions, you get a good picture of what we are on about. Indeed we have communicated to Cory about sponsorship and he has advised us of what is an appropriate sum. We have already become a Member+ as clearly appreciate the work done.

But... I feel when looking at the other post, that we may be infringing upon a 'culture' that xbmc is not or should not have any commercial application. If that is the case then just say so and we will 'butt out' of the community we were thinking we could get involved in. I posted this request on the forum on Cory's advice but I get the impression this was not the best. Yes we are in Aus, in Sydney. Cheers
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Anyone who can offer xml edit assistance for skin00