Is this normal? - Green screen for a second when starting video etc

So when starting to play a video with "adjust display refresh rate to match video" to ON
I notice that the TV first displays a green screen for 0.2 seconds, then shows osx desktop for 0.2 seconds then starts the video at 24fps. Is this normal?

I dont mind it if its normal, but i cant recall this ever happening on the windows side of things. Also the wives complain it isnt working right since its happening. sigh.

If i turn off "adjust display...." it doesnt happen, but then i get not smooth playback when panning etc.
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I guess seeing the green flash depends on your display device. On my previous tv it didn't happen but with the new projector it flashes green. Seeing the OSX desktop for a fraction of a second is more annoying though, seems to happen with both devices.
When the display is changed, default osx behavior is to output a black view. However, since the actual display setting is changed causing the display device to change it's output, results actually depend on our display device. Some will output a green image when it senses that output is changing. Nothing we can do here, move along, these are not the devices your are looking for.
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Is this normal? - Green screen for a second when starting video etc00