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[Linux] [XBMCBuntu] Ubuntu 12.04 based build
are you still planning to base XBMCbuntu on LXDE? While for a desktop PC i would choose XFCE or LXDE anytime, i think the big screen is one of the few places where Unity would actually make sense. a pc cabable to run XBMC and hd content should have no problem to run unity
I think it might be best the desktop is optimized for an ultra-light WDM, without all the extra crap you won't need, like office, mail, etc.
If users want a fuller desktop afterwards, then I would suggest they install Unity and/or Gnome Desktop/Shell themselves - it's literally 1 command from the CLI.

With my present installation (not a XBMCnubtu, but a skinny with X only) I've managed to set it up in such a way that additional VTTY's run other application, such as GMPC or Boxee - just for the hell of it (it's actually very cool).
I might do something similar with Ubuntu TV and/or a mobile interface.
bodhi linux is very quick and a good a start imo

lightweight, naff all on it, but very pretty and easy to change themes.

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[Linux] [XBMCBuntu] Ubuntu 12.04 based build51