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XBMCFlicks - How to set the default browser?
XBMCFlicks seems to use Internet Explorer for video playback instead of the default browser. I use Chrome as my default browser. How do I set XBMCFlicks to either use my browser of choice or the default OS browser?

Also, when you are watching a movie, how do you return back to XBMC? The only way I can see so far is to ALT-F4... but how do people deal with this when using a remove control on their TV and not a keyboard?
Search the XBMCFlicks thread and you'll surely find this post which should help.

For returning to XBMC, yes ALT-F4 is correct. I have that key combo mapped to a harmony 520 remote to give me a "Kill Netflix" button. To do that, you need to add "Microsoft MCE Keyboard" as a device in your Harmony setup and then the key combo will be available. More details on Harmony setup here. I am actually using a Philips Prestigo remote but still use my broken Harmony to copy such commands to the Philips.


XBMCFlicks - How to set the default browser?00