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Eden and fanart
Hello guys,

I searched for my issue but did not find much.
I have freshly installed Ubuntu 11.10 with all updates required, add the stable xbmc PPA's, installed XBMC Eden, LIRC, reboot. I have my movies on two hard drives via USB connected. Specified the source and then "update library". I did not let it update only with about 20 movies and stopped it. It does not get the fanarts. In fact there is one fanart with some white girl from not part of any movie in the library. I have changed the scraper from movie db to IMDB after enabling it from add-ons. The same thing, no fanart.

Is this a known bug please, or is my bug only and somewhere did a mistake or missing something? With Dharma was straight forward, did exactly as above and used to get the fanarts with no problem,

Eden and fanart00