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XBMCbuntu eeepc 701 = double screen pb
hi all,

I've installed XBMCbuntu on my old EEEPC 701 and all works well (even the droid remote..) just one thing goes wrong, I can't use the FN + F5 function keys to swap between my 10" buld-in screen and my TV plugged on it, nothing happens when I use those keys though all other function keys works well (mute, sound, brightness, ASO)

Can someone tell me if I need to modify a conf file and wich one, I'm not that frightenned to do so...let me know

Many thanks for this software .... it's really a great great job that you've done...!




Salut à tous,

j'ai installé XBMCbuntu sur mon vieux eeepc 701, tout marche du tonnerre (y compris la télécommande en appli sous DROID) le seul truc c'est que je ne peux pas activer la sortie vers ma TV, la touche de fonction FN + F5 reste sans effet, alors que toutes les autres touches de fonction sont ok (j'ai bien fait gaffe lors de l'installation à choisir le bon clavier ) .

Pouvez-vous me dire quel fichier de conf il faut toucher et ou le trouver, je bricole un peu sous ubuntu ?

D'avance merci à vous tous pour ce boulot génial.

hi, I am trying to do the same - and when I rang xbmcbuntu trying it on the 701 it didnt find my wifi... did your wifi work ? any special tricks
Hi neil33999,

well, on my own I didn't use the live function, I decided to install it on my eeepc, and during the installation It asks me to connect, it found my Wifi network and it works well, can you tell me if the blue led is "on" when you use XBMC live..?? if not, just try to strike the WIFI function keys on your keybord to activate..

Let me know I'l try to help you if you can ?

UP ..... help.. is there anyone there to answer me..Huh
When you reboot your EeePC 701 with xbmcbuntu and the VGA cable connected to your TV, XBMC will see the external screen. I didn't figure out yet how to get the resolution of the TV screen right. Who has an idea? The resolution option in XBMCbuntu doesn't do the trick, because the resolution does change, but only on a small part of the screen
You can adjust the x screen resolution in XMBC and the external screen in XMBCbuntu.
First start up XMBC, then leave (stop) XMBC and go to XMBCbuntu (round button buttom left). In XMBC adjust resolution left bottom Lubuntu logo - preferences - monitor settings - VGA monitor.

That was the trick ;-)

XBMCbuntu eeepc 701 = double screen pb00