Not showing photo after using HDMI
I got really strange problem on my XBMCbuntu box, Music, Video, Online streams all works but any time I want to view some photos I just see a blank black screen! when I use arrow keys, the photo shows quickly but then again blank!
Same situation when I use slideshow, only during slideshow transition I can see the photo.

Has anyone came up with the same issue?
I think the default output setting for the Picture viewer program in XBMC might case this issue. Is there any alternative Photo viewer in XBMC?
I had the same issue, finally discovered that by setting vblanking to only be used when playing video, rater than always on, the photos started showing again.
where do you set the "vblanking" settings?
(2012-09-10, 06:30)pi3ch Wrote: where do you set the "vblanking" settings?

System/Settings > System > Video output > Vertical blank sync

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Not showing photo after using HDMI51