Remote desktop - windows 7/server 2008 r2

Is it possible to use XBMC through either remote desktop, desktop virtualization, remoteapp etc?

My aim is to use several old pentium 4 computers that I have to act as front ends for XBMC. Because the technology is old, it does not support XBMC in itself. Ideally I would like to connect my server to these computers (which are running windows thinpc) with server 2008 to use virtualization running xbmc.

Is there any way to get this to work?

Thanks in advance....
Video playback through RDP will be too slow to be usable. XBMC isn't supported in an RDP session though it can sometimes be made to work by setting XBMC to use a fullscreen window rather than true fullscreen.

I have to say I think your idea will not work. The old PCs will probably run XBMC if you upgrade the video card.
thanks. I had feared that to be the case.

i think it may be too painful to submit to buying a old pci graphics card, but oh well!!
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