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Weather Not Working...
Good Morning!

This morning I updated XBMC from Dharma to Eden and I have to say I am impressed. Nod
It's Awesome. Now that I have updated I've gotten a kick to fix some issues I have been having with XBMC.

My weather stopped working in Dharma around the end of 2011 for no reason. I didn't change or mess with anything.
It didn't bother me much but now that I'm all updated I'd like everything too work. Wink

The weather is still their but it doesn't show any information or images.

Has anyone had this issue? Is there a fix for it?

I look forward to hearing from you guys


The weather was completely re-written and made into an add-on in Eden. (it stopped working for everyone in Dharma).
I have no idea why it does not work for you now but start by checking that you have the add-on.
Which weather add-on are you using. Try using either Weather Underground or Google Weather. If you're still having problems post back.

Also, with Weather Underground, you usually only get the 4 day forecast and local conditions. When you click on the Weather option of the home screen, that's only for changing your location. And, depending on the skin you're using, you sometimes don't get much feedback on this screen. I'm looking at you Aeon MQ2.

Weather Not Working...00