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Windows - Upgrades for first XBMC Windows setup

I have recently put together an XMBC Media center machine, after getting an Antec Media center case in exchange for some work I have done for one of my clients. From my spare's I had laying around I put together the following setup, which has been a vast improvement over my PS3 and old modded xbox:

Windows 7 x64 Professional
Antec Micro Fusion Media Center case with 350w PSU + WMC Remote
Asus AT3N7A-I Ion Intel Atom N330 DDR2 ITX Motherboard
2gb DDR2 533mhz RAM
160gb 3.5 WD HDD
TS DVD-RW drive

I would like to try and decrease the noise of the system and also improve performance on loading times. What would be the best components to replace/upgrade to help with this?
well, you cant expect much on an ATOM platform....
its pretty anemic....

i mean, either you get some new hardware for your case,
and ditch the old one,


stay as is, and get an SSD to help speed up your boot times.

Upgrades for first XBMC Windows setup00