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Confused about DVD metadata
I've been struggling to find an answer as to how DVD metadata should be stored locally for DVD movies. My DVD file structure looks like this:
movies/Jaws/video_ts (I currently have MediaBrowser metadata stored in the "Jaws" folder)

When I use Media Center Master, or Ember Media Manager, to retrieve XBMC metadata it stores in the "video_ts" folder. I don't think this is right, because when I change the artwork and refresh the movie in XBMC the thumbnail doesn't refresh. But when I change the MediaBrowser artwork (folder.jpg in the "Jaws" folder) the thumbnail changes.

Should the XBMC metadata for DVDs be stored in the parent folder or in the video_ts folder?
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Then why in the heck are programs like MCM and EmberMM putting the media in the Video_TS folder. Makes no sense.
After hours of messing with it I can't seem to be able to get it right. Does anyone know how to get xbmc metadata to stay in the parent folder?
I've used Media Companion for a while now, and for DVD's, if I have the vobs etc in the parent folder, ie:
Z:\Movies\Puss In Boots\
or in
Z:\Movies\Puss In Boots\VIDEO_TS\

the folder.jpg, nfo and -fanart are always placed with the vob files.

I believe the rule is to have the meta-data with the video files. I can't see XBMC finding the vob files in \VIDEO_TS, if the nfo etc is only in \Puss In Boots\

I mean, if you have avi files, the nfo is with the avi file, whether they are all stored in a root folder or in individual folders for each movie.

Lastly, any updating you do to meta-data, posters etc, after the movies is already been added to XBMC, I recommend removing the movie from you library, and then doing a library update. Easiest and quickest error proof way IMO.

My two cents.

PS, Media Companion has been greatly improved and hasn't seen me wrong yet.
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