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Windows - How to force database / user content / skins in specified directory
Of course I would search but it's hard to put in words what I'm trying to do. I don't want the xbmc information to be stored in the default c:\users\me\roaming\xbmc, i want it in a folder like d:\crap (lol)

Is there a switch or command to override the default database? Is it possible to store multiple databases and just have xbmc command line point to the database I want? Thanks!

Edit: Is this the only way?

Quote:Can XBMC be run in portable mode?

If you wish, you may run XBMC in portable mode by adding the -p switch to the shortcut used to launch XBMC. This will then use the XBMC folder itself as the Home folder, which means scripts, plugins, skins and userdata will be located in the 'portable_data' folder within the XBMC folder. This is useful for running XBMC for Windows off a USB stick for portability.
You will, however, have to be careful when upgrading to make sure that the UserData folder you use is not overwritten.
Without doing a symlink/hardlink at the OS level, yes.
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I found a workaround, just store multiple copies of XBMC wherever you want the DB to be, and launch them from the folder in portable mode. Works great!

How to force database / user content / skins in specified directory00