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Problems w/ Video Library and Streaming
Could someone please help me understand how the video library is set up. When I add sources to my library I find that I can't access the data unless I use the route Files->Movies-> instead of just movies->. When I try to just use the movie folder, without going through the file folder, it doesn't display all the moives and some movies have incorrect information (compared to going through the file folder which has everything and everything named correctly) this is the same case with my "TV shows" folder. So why do I have to go through this File folder and why is it even created? Another issue this brings up is that I only have access to my "Movies" and "TV shows" when trying to stream from xbmc from my xbox360 so I can't stream my entire collection.

help would be very much appreciated, thanks again
Files shows you all the files in your particular source.

Movies and TV Shows show you what has been scraped into the library. If there are missing items here, then check your naming convention, or custom nfos if you use them.

TV Show Naming Convention

Movie Naming Convention
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Problems w/ Video Library and Streaming00