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Have XBMC default to using no subtitles
I have a bit of a problem, and it lies in the following: in our household there are two televisions, one I use and one my parents tend to use. Since we have similar tastes in terms of media, they both connect to a central database.

However, and this is where the trouble lies, my mother's English isn't necessarily excellent. To allow her to enjoy the library of films more freely I had CouchPotato download Swedish subtitles for each and every film - everybody's happy.

Except for me. I'm not quite happy - the XBMC installation (which is an OpenELEC box) has taken to using the subtitles that now lie in the folders of every film by default. This means that every time I wish to watch a movie I must press T once to disable the text. This isn't a huge problem, but it is a bit of a nuisance.

So, the question is: can I make XBMC use no subtitle by default? I found a subtitle section in the Video settings, but it didn't help me much at all…
While in a video, set the subtitles to none, and hit "Apply for all...." at the bottom of the list. I believe this should it as default.
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That appears to have done the deed, as it were. Thank you dearly.

Have XBMC default to using no subtitles00