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Queue Item -> Now Playing, No next button?
I have a really slick setup for our treadmills in the house.

I built a narrow wood table that sits about 6" above the control panel on two treadmills in our house that are side by side. We have dual monitors so they both can see whats on.

Then what we did is got a bunch of music videos and AMVs that we like with some jammin tunes, and shove them all into a folder.

we are running XBMC and what we do is goto Videos>Files> then right click on the AMV folder, and select "Queue Item" then I right click that same amv folder and select now playing.

This gives us an awesome playlist so the songs can go from one to the next without fiddling with controls while we are working out on the treadmills.

BUT! sometimes a song comes on that your just not in the mood to listen to that day, so you want to click NEXT, the right arrow key does a short skip, and the left bracket "[" does a larger skip...

so what we have been doing is pressing it a bunch of times and skipping through that entire video... but man... it would be soooooooooOOOOOO sweet to have a NEXT button. that goes to the next item in the list without the need to skip through the video a bunch of times

maybe somebody has figured this out... I dunno... One idea I had is to edit the bracket "[" to do an enormous jump like 30 minutes... which is far longer than any of our music videos or AMVS, then we would only need to click it one time.... (I am not sure where to look or how to make this edit, or if its even the best solution to this problem)

Any help is appreciated, this is probably the only drawback to our entire setup.
I did notice that if I use the mouse, at the bottom of the playing video there is a ">>| " button that DOES go to the next item in the list... but I need some way to bind this to a key. because I use a Serial IR receiver that I can emulate keyboard buttons with using my universal remote. so I would like a way to click next with the remote, but to do that I need a key that can be pressed.
keymap NextItem should do the trick. Not sure if it works in Eden - IIRC there were some changes made but it might have been after release.
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Thank you for the reply. I have been digging around in my, keyboard.xml

I discovered that if I move the mouse so that the onscreen controls are displayed at the bottom of the screen, I can press the period key "." before the onscreen controls hide and it will goto the next song.

however, once the on screen controls at the bottom of the screen hide themselves after a couple seconds then the period key "." seeks forward instead of going to the next song.

I found that period was bound to SkipNext

so looking through my keyboard.xml file I found this entry:

<f mod="ctrl">SkipNext</f> <!-- Skip -->

so I gave it a try, held down ctrl and pressed "f"

BINGO!!! it worked!! I am so happy now.

My version of XBMC is something that was not an official release, I think I found it in the forums under a post for HI10P support. So like you said, im not sure if NextItem would have worked or not.

But in any case the issue is resolved and I am now very happy!!!

Queue Item -> Now Playing, No next button?00