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How to change title in infolabels during play?
Anybody know how to change title in infolabels while playing?
The same way you set them before playing. The trick is that you need to keep your script running while the content is playing, usually by "while xbmc.Player.isPlaying():"
I have my script playing in a while condition but when I change the infolabel the title is not changed and no error is given
# listitem = xbmcgui.ListItem("old title", iconImage="DefaultVideo.png", thumbnailImage=iconimage)
# listitem.setInfo('video', {'Title': "old title"})
# player = streamplayer(xbmc.PLAYER_CORE_AUTO)
#, listitem)

# listitem.setInfo('video', {'Title': "new title"}) # this does not work. It still show the old Title after this

If I do this: (the new title is set) # this works but I don't want to restart the player
# player.stop()
#, listitem)

I don't want to restart player to set new title. can this be done without restarting?
i want to do this as well, has anyone found a way to do it?
I can only assume this is because the skin grabs the info when playback starts and never looks back. If that's the case, I don't think there's anything you'll be able to do from Python
well the skin can be reloaded via python with executebuiltin...
That's a good point. If you reload it after changing the info and it still doesn't work, at least you'll know it's not an issue with the skin not updating

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How to change title in infolabels during play?00