No sound over HDMI with XBMCbuntu

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mivadebe Offline
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Hi guys,

I tried XBMCbuntu, and I love it, however, I couldn't get my sound to work. I installed Ubuntu 12.04 and I have to go to system settings->sound and select the HDMI output in the GUI. Does anybody know a solution in XBMCbuntu?
I'm running it on a i3 2100 with a Asrock H57m ITX motherboard.

To clarify: It's not just the sound in XBMC I'm talking about, but ubuntu in general. (I'm a linux newbie)
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FuryStryker Offline
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Also, if you search the forums, there's quite a few posts about audio issues with XBMCbuntu.

Try those and let us know what you find.
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