How do you guys sort between Old and New Movies?

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kromix Offline
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So I realized this weekend when we wanted to watch something new, its a pain to sort through all 400 movies in my library and stop at the new/unwatched movies every 40 movies to decide which we want to watch....

How do you guys Sort your movies?

I was thinking a subfolder called "Library" and putting all the old movies in there, but xbmc won't actually seperate the movies right?
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Mudislander Offline
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I normally have "Hide Watched" on, I think there was a Unwatched Movies playlist in that bunch of playlists I've got under the Confluence.Lite.Mod thread.

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Mrmills Offline
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kromix ,what skin are you using?
if your using the confluence lite mod
one way would be to add a folder on your harddrive
place all your new movies there, add that folder as a favorite
then go to skin settings and add that favorite to the menubar.
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wilson.joe Offline
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a few ways is to seperate them the way you want them in folders say the genre
for example and use file mode, or create playlists using the library mode or a
combination of both also hiding watched.

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PatK Offline
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Expanding my recently added to 50 helped some, and one slush folder where everything gets thrown into first... properly scanned, I eventually clean house when I get some free time...

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