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Does anybody have any experience with TVHeadend + cablevision? I have some of the basic chans showing up and nothing more. Running the 2-28 pvr build on a win7 box. Everything seems to be working just fine I just have an issue getting the full library of tv chans available.

HDHRPrime working - all chans show up in WMC and the silicon dust quick tv interface.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Are you sure Cablevision provides all it's channels as copy-freely? Most US cable TV providers don't do that for any channels other than the basic broadcast networks; if a channel isn't tagged as copy-freely then you won't see it.

It works in WMC because WMC is to date the only HTPC software that fully supports the DRM required to view tagged channels. In my experience using a CableCard tuner like the Prime with any media center software other than WMC is a waste of time - even if you are lucky enough to have a provider that hasn't tagged their channels (yet) there is no guarantee they won't do so in the future.

SiliconDust's forum for the HDHR Prime will give you a lot more detail on this.
Thanks ixian - unfortunately their support/forums have not been helpful in the least.
Even though SageTV got bought by Google and is basically dead as a product it still has an active userbase, and many of them use CableCard as Sage used to be the only alternative to WMC that supported them (copy freely, that is). Their forums have a lot of information on this topic.

For example, here's a post about Cablevision:

That unfortunately confirms what I already suspected - Cablevision sends out all of it's channels (other than the local networks) flagged as copy-once.

What this means, in a nutshell, is that the PVR software must support some form of DRM - otherwise the CableCard requirements state that the channel cannot be made available at all. This isn't something SiliconDust or other manufacturers can "work" around, not if they want to keep selling CableCard devices.

WMC is the only PVR software (outside of commercial set top boxes and Tivo) that supports the required DRM. For what are probably obvious reasons, open source solutions like MythTV, XBMC, etc are unlikely to ever support this (or any other) DRM. It's possible the new Google TV will, now that they have bought Sage (if and when that is ever released) however it'll have the same restrictions.

Your best bet to pick up cable channels are analog capture devices like the HD-PVR and a backend that supports them. That is a lot of work, but it is do-able.

Edit: Actually, later on in that thread some users indicate that Cablevision removed copy-once flags from non-premium (hbo, etc) channels, so your mileage may vary.
A lot of cablevision channels are copy freely. I'm using MythTV and get most of the channels. Some notable exceptions are Science HD, G4 HD, and I don't get the south asian channels I'm subscribed to.
Yep... Just to keep this thread up to date....

- BBC America HD
- Science Channel HD
- History Channel HD

Are also confirmed as being 'copy once' flagged ... Those mentioned above may also be ... I'd check but I can't check at the moment.

I'm so close to converting to FIOS given their much more customer friendly policy WRT CCI flagging. Heck up till this summer on FIOS all channels even the premium movie channels were copy freely ... Now I think they flag HBO and Cinemax but even now the other movie channels might be copy freely... Nice eh!!?!
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Dont forget MSG
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