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Sound delay when playing .mkv @ 24hz - BUG
I see that there has been other reports on this problem, but none that I can find from recent dates...

I get about a 200ms delay on most HD mkv's.

Running Eden 11.0 on Win7, i3 2120T, 8GB ram, Nvidia GT520.

Is there any progress on fixing this as I understand it's a known bug? (Correct me if im wrong)


System: XBMC Gotham 13.1, HTPC: AMD 6450 1GB, Intel i5 3470S, 8GB DDR3, ASUS P8H61-M PRO, OCZ SSD Agility 3, NYXboard Hybrid Remote
Surround: NAD M15HD2, NAD M25, B&W 803 Diamond, B&W DB1, B&W HTM4, Pioneer KRP-600A / Panasonic 65VT50
When I'm watching a movie... suing the panels speakers (yuk) everything seems normal, but when I connect an external sound system, there is a slight delay between the two systems playing at the same time (kind of like a hall effect). Using the mute, brings everything into sync.. or at least looks so.

I'm not sure if you're wrong or right... just thought I'd throw out my experience.... not all equipment is equal in delivery time.

Sound delay when playing .mkv @ 24hz - BUG00