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Windows - Song Submission
I've just finished setting up my new HTPC, and it kicks some serious ass with XBMC Smile I am having a problem with the song submission however. I've turned all the options for the song submission and entered my correct info (I can play my radio fine, etc), howevever XBMC just doesn't want to seem to scrobble the tracks I listen to. I did a bit of digging in the XBMC folder in %APPDATA%, and I noticed a file called "LastfmScrobbler.xml" in the XBMC userdata folder. This XML file has the tracks that I've been listening to but they don't seem to reach Sad I tried deleting the file in hopes that it was some kind of cache issue, but the same thing is happening.

Does anyone know why the tracks might not get scrobbled, or anything I can try to get them scrobbling (aside from turning the option on Wink)? I have XBMC installed on my desktop as well and scrobbling works fine from that one! I'm scratching my head here Huh Thanks in advance for any help!

P.S. I've checked the log file as well and didn't see much. If you'd like to take a look anyway:

EDIT: Using Eden 11.0-HD-Audio on both machines.
No ideas? Sad
Ok so I finally figured this out, and man do I feel dumb. Completely uninstalled XBMC including my profile only to find out that the date on my system was 1 day off the actual date. All I had to do was make sure my date and time settings were correct and that they matched those in my profile. Now I get to re-setup XBMC all over again haha.
same issue here, never would had though this.sincere thankfulness:p
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