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Installer won't detect any partition on hard drive
I few weeks ago I installed XBMCbuntu. The installation detected that I had windows 7 on a partition and asked me if I would like to setup a dual boot. I did and it worked perfectly. At the time I couldn't get sound to work. So I said screw it.

I knew openelec worked right out of the box so I installed it. I didn't realize it during installation but found out that openelec doesn't give the option to dual boot. It got rid of all my partitions and installed openec. I said screw it to that too.

I formated my drive and used my windows home server 2011 to restore Windows 7. Windows 7 runs perfectly on it again. I have now figured out why the sound wasn't working in XBMCbuntu so I want to give it a go again. However now when I try to install XBMCbuntu it doesn't detect the windows 7 partition.

It doesn't detect any partition on the drive. All it says is 160gigs free. I'm not going to install it until it detect Windows 7 or at minimum detects the 100MB and 160GB partitions. I created a new partition on the drive that was 10GB and then tried to install it. Still doesn't detect the partition table.

How do I get the installer to Detect my windows partition so it will setup dual boot? Is it a problem with the MBR? I'm just using a HTCP Zbox computer with a 160GB hard drive in it.
It will most likely work if you install it next to win7 and then manually add it to the grub. Use clonezilla to make a backup before you try.
How do I install it next to windows 7? Do you mean to just proceed with installation even though it doesn't detect any partitions?
it does not detect any partition or it does not detect windows 7? If it cannot not see any parition at all you have a problem but that sounds really strange.
It doesn't detect any partitions at all. It just says I have 160 gigs free but really I should have 2 partitions and one of them should say that it has only 120 gigs free.

Installer won't detect any partition on hard drive00