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Linux - won't use saved thumbnails/fanarts
I use Ember Media Manager to download thumbnails/fanarts for my movies and tvshows. But when i add a directory into xbmc, it doesn't use the thumbnails/fanarts that EMM downloaded in that directory, but instead xbmc downloaded lowres thumbnails/fanarts.

Right now I'd have to go to each movie and manually tell it to use the art. How do I make it so xbmc uses the files already available??

Thank you.
I am having the exact problem. XBMC seems to be loading the same images for Movie thumbs but displaying them as exremely low res! It is not going to be too easy to go through and manually alter each thumb in a libary of around 600 films! Any help ppl??
same problem here ( i have win7 )
Make sure you have it configured correctly.
Me too, I can't seem to configure it to globally use the local fanart and info I have in each individual movie folder. Every time I add new movies I have to individually select "use local instead of internet" option.

Maybe someone who has it configured correctly can post their library settings?
It's almost certainly because you configured the scraper incorrectly. Specifically, you have "Movies in separate folders named like the movie" set incorrectly.
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Cheers, will investigate that. Having looked at the links from drivesoslow, it looks very familiar with how I configured though.
Seemed to solve my problem a couple of days ago. I had originally used Ember Media Manager to scrape the thumbs as jpegs. After playing around with Embers settings I found that XMC will source the correctly scaled thumbs if they are saved as TBN files rather than jpegs. Could be an issue with new settings in Eden, not sure though.
I'm pretty sure I have all of the directories set correctly. I have each movie in a folder with the same name, and then I have folder.jpg for the covers (etc.), and it still won't render as the full resolution unless I go through manually and tell it to use the local thumb.

Did anyone find a solution?

I tried having images as .tbn files instead of .jpg files, no luck.

won't use saved thumbnails/fanarts00